tell me what i should do, annie.

stay. here. forever.

... me and you, we're not cowards.
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A community for fans of Sam/Annie from Life on Mars (UK)

...we're not cowards.

Welcome to Not Cowards, a LiveJournal community dedicated to the relationship between Sam Tyler and Annie Cartwright from the BBC series Life on Mars. Whether you're simply a fan of their friendship or if you enjoy the more romantic aspects of the pairing, this is the place for you! We welcome icons, fic, discussion, picspams, screencaps, fanvids - anything Sam/Annie related! Just keep everything civil, and we'll get along great :)

. rules and regulations .

. general rules .
- Keep it friendly - absolutely no bashing of characters/actors/pairings/fellow fans/etc.
- Don't spam the community - all posts must be Sam/Annie-related. If you would like to promote a Life on Mars or Sam/Annie related community, please get a mod's permission first by commenting at The Front Desk. You can also contact us there with affiliation requests or any questions/concerns.
- Spoiler cuts for the UK series of Life on Mars are not necessarily required, but use your judgement - new people join the fandom all the time! Spoilers for Ashes to Ashes or mentions of spoilers for the US series should be behind a cut as a courtesy to members of those fandoms.

. creative works rules .
- All fanfic posts must include a header and follow our fic guidelines. See this post for details.
- Icon posts should contain no more than three previews, all of which should be of Sam, Annie, or (preferably) Sam/Annie. That's what we're here for, that's what we should see when we scroll through the community. Posts not complying with this rule may be deleted without notice. If you are linking to a multi-fandom post, please note that in your post.
- Large graphics (such as headers, wallpapers, drawings, etc) should all be behind a cut. Up to three icon-sized (100x100 or less) previews or one larger preview image (up to a comparable size to three icon previews) may be outside the cut.
- Posts containing fan-made music videos or fanmixes should be friends-locked for security reasons.
- Per LJ rules, any adult content should be marked and flagged as such.

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Tell me what I should do, Annie.
Stay. Here. Forever.